Program Cost, Payment, and Financial Aid

Tuition charges are based firstly on your campus location, and secondly on your residency or non-residency status. Check your admission certificate for these details.

Online MS in Agriculture Student Program Costs

The current cost per credit is $671.80 per credit for both residents and non-residents. Summer tuition is $662.70. For information of all tuition rates and applicable fees, please see Online Graduate Tuition and Fees for a complete list of cost of attendance.

Pullman MS in Agriculture Student Program Cost

Please see the Cost of Attendance website.

E_M Course Tuition

Engineering Technology and Management (ETM) courses (E_M) are self-sustaining courses managed by the College of Engineering and Architecture and therefore their tuition per credit is higher than regular tuition credit, however MSAG has negotiated a reduced rate for E_M tuition ($825/credit).  A limited number of students may qualify for tuition adjustments based on financial need.  For more information, contact ETM Program at or 509-335-0125

U of I Cooperative Course Tuition and Fees

Washington State University (WSU) and the University of Idaho (UI), both land-grant institutions closely located (8 miles apart) on the WA/ID border, have a rich history in cooperative education. The WSU/UI cooperative course agreement allows students at either institution to enroll in designated courses at the other institution.

MS in Ag students who have chosen the Food Science and Management option will take several online courses through the University of Idaho (UI) to meet core requirements (because WSU/UI has a bi-state School of Food Science).  Students will pay tuition through WSU, except for an additional $35/credit fee to the UI for online courses.  More explanation is available on our U of I course registration page.


If you have question about using veteran’s benefits, please contact WSU’s Office of Veteran’s Affairs at 509-335-1234 or or visit their website.

Your Student Account

WSU does not send paper billing statements. Check the Finances section in myWSU to find out what you owe.  Select this link to learn how to pay tuition.


Students must provide their own funding for the program. Online students will not be offered assistantships for this program.

Financial Aid

Students earning a degree through the Global Campus are eligible for the same financial assistance as that received by other WSU students.  More information is available on the Global Campus website.

Note: International students are NOT eligible for financial aid through WSU, and international students residing in the United States who have a visa status of F1, F2, J1, J2, or B2 may be limited in the number of credits in which they can enroll through WSU Online. Contact the International Programs office for more information, or 509-335-2541.

Residency for Pullman Students

Check your admission certificate for your resident or non-resident classification assignment. Because tuition is considerably less expensive for Washington residents than for non-residents, Pullman campus students may be interested in establishing Washington residency. Detailed information about this process is available through the Office of the Registrar’s website. Students should review this detailed information as soon as possible after acceptance to a graduate program at WSU; much of the required documentation must be in place for a full year at the time of application. The deadline for residency applications for a given term is noted on the WSU Academic Calendar (it is generally the 30th day of the academic term, but be sure to check the exact date).