MSAG Handbook

This document includes all information regarding the Master of Science in Agriculture (MSAG) degree program including information about the program, navigating your degree, and resources to help you succeed in the program.

Section 1 – Program Overview

  • Mission Statement, Program Overview, Program Outcomes, and Plan Description.

Section 2 – Graduate Program Administration

  • Bylaws, Steering Committee, Director, Program Director.

Section 3- Degree Requirements

  • Recommended Competency, Degree/Plan Type Requirements, Core Coursework, Additional Graded Coursework, and Research Credits.

Section 4 – Non-Thesis Degree Requirements

  • Independent Project Requirements, Non-thesis Final Exam Requirements.

Section 5 – Thesis Degree Requirements

  • Thesis Requirements, Thesis Final Exam Requirements.

Section 6 – Navigating Your Degree

  • Johnson Hall Graduate Center, Checklist, Graduate Committee, Program of Study, Annual Review, Reinstatement, Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities, Preparing to Graduate, Final Thesis Defense and Oral Exam, and Final Non-Thesis Defense and Oral Exam.

Section 7 – Registration & Enrollment

  • Approved MSAG Courses, Registering for Classes, Registering for University of Idaho Cooperative Courses, Course Delivery and Technology Requirements, Tuition and Fees, Funding, Financial Aid, Veterans, Your Student Account, and Residency for Pullman Campus Students.

Section 8 – Personnel and Web Resources

  • MSAG Graduate Faculty and Helpful Websites.

Section 9 – Appendix